Business Strategy

Our mission is to build a Canada and U.S. based multi-disciplinary primary healthcare service provider that provides certain high-quality specialized healthcare services and products through the integration of technology and medical science. Key elements of our business strategy include:

  • Increase Market Share in Canada. We intend to expand our market share in Canada through strategic acquisitions and micro-clinic roll-outs. In addition, we expect to continue increasing our market share in existing eldercare services, occupational therapy services, physiotherapy services and speech language pathology services through network affiliation growth and new contract awards.

  • Expanding Operations into the United States. We plan to expand into the United States through:

    • The introduction of a customized version of our multi-disciplinary primary healthcare service model, with emphasis on pain prevention, treatment and management,
    • The strategic acquisition of targeted U.S. operating clinics in key geographical areas, and
    • Establishment of strategic corporate alliances with existing healthcare entities allowing us immediate access to their client base. We expect to integrate certain of our specialized multi-disciplinary services and products that are a direct compliment to the existing healthcare related products and services already provided by brand-recognized, established retail entities such as grocers, pharmacies and clinics.

  • Leveraging our Expertise in the Interface of Technology and Patient Engagement to Introduce our Multi-disciplinary Primary Healthcare Services and Products through "Micro-clinics" Located in Underserved Population Centers. Our expertise allows us to bring our specialized multi-disciplinary primary healthcare services and products to people in urban, rural and remote population centers, rather than relying on the older model of bringing the people to healthcare.

  • Expanding our Posture, Stride, and Kinetic Body Movement Scanning Technologies and Protocols. When combined with decades of data harvesting and analysis, we believe that these technologies and protocols provide our clinics with the ability to deliver better care, early diagnosis and preventative healthcare strategies.

  • Continuing to Develop and Expand our Virtual Physician Access System. We expect to continue development and expansion of our virtual physician access system, sometimes referred to in the industry as "telemedicine" or "virtual medicine." Our telemedicine system provides patients with real-time access to third-party primary care doctors and specialists in most medical disciplines. Telemedicine is transforming all approaches to healthcare by providing ease of access and reduced costs for patients, particularly in areas with limited access to primary care general practitioners and specialists. Unlike other telemedicine platforms in today's marketplace, our unique advanced telemedicine platform integrates certain medical devices, such as a blood pressure reading device, a derma scope and an ophthalmoscope otoscope, each of which can provide the doctor with real-time diagnostic data, greatly enhancing the doctor's ability to provide the patient with an accurate diagnosis. Our telemedicine platform is designed with a relatively low-cost structure, which can allow any medical clinic or location affordably to install and utilize our telemedicine platform.

  • Launching our Exclusive Cannabidiol ("CBD") Medical Cannabis Product Platform to Include Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution. Our CBD products will be specifically focused on CBD for usage as (i) a treatment aid; (ii) relief for a large array of neurological disorders; and (iii) an alternative option for healthcare providers in place of prescribing opioids to patients. We have established relationships worldwide with low-cost grow and production entities which, when combined with having ownership and control of the end-product manufacturing process, allows us to provide high-quality, low-cost CBD medical cannabis products. Offering our patients access to non-hallucinogenic and non-addictive natural remedies, under required clinical oversight policies and procedures as they relate to medicinal cannabis and CBD, combined with our existing clinic-based treatment protocols allows us to enter this market segment with a unique integration model not readily available in the marketplace.

  • Launching our Motor Vehicle Accident ("MVA") Service in Canada. Our MVA service is expected to provide certain occupational therapy, assessment, analysis, rehabilitation, mobility aids and counseling.

  • Launching our Independent Medical Evaluation ("IME") Service in Canada. Our IME service will be available for corporate and insurance clients.